The Ghost Shield

The Clear and Comfortable Choice

Easy to Breathe & Communicate



Great for Daily Wear


Great for daily use where face coverings are required. When done, reuse or recycle this disposable shield.



Better Communication


The transparent design of the The Ghost Shield™ dramatically improves inter-personal communication.



Top Quality Made in the USA


The Ghost Shield™ is made of lightweight industrial grade materials with a fit adjustable adhesive. One size fits most.

Easy to Breathe & Communicate


Fits Most Faces


The nose bridge piece is adjustable with a strong and reusable adhesive and the curved shape for airflow can be adjusted to your face.


Great for Glasses


The Ghost Shield directs air downward, which will prevent your glasses or eyewear from getting fogged up.


Reusable. Easy to Clean.


Enjoy many uses from each shield. The nose piece loses a small amount of bonding strength per use. The Ghost Shield is easy to clean with most household cleaning sprays.

A Step Towards Normal


Suitable for Everyday Life


Generic coverings hide facial expressions and make it harder to communicate. The transparent design of The Ghost Shield™ allows you to make personal connections again even if coverings are required.


Work Comfortably


Quality customer service relies on friendly and welcoming workers. Keep others shielded with a smile on your face with The Ghost Shield™

Beneficial in Public Places


Use your The Ghost Shield™ anywhere you go. Perfect for dining with friends and family. The transparent design is ideal for lip-reading and improved facial communication.


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